CXC Continuing Education

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Take four CXCs from the following:


English Language

Principles of Accounts

Principles of Business

Office Administration

Social Studies

and one of the following:

CXC Information Technology or EDPM

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Duration: 1 Year

Cost:$1695.00 Cash
Payable in installments:
$295 Deposit & 25 Weekly Payments Of $60 (Total $1795)

Depending on your choice of subjects you can qualify for the CXC Certificate in Business Studies:

Certificate in Business Studies

The Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate in Business Studies is based on examinations in a cluster of Business Studies subjects, English A and Mathematics.

The Certificate is based on a minimum of five subjects selected as outlined below.

1.English AGrades I – III
2.MathematicsGrades I – III

At least two subjects from Nos. 3 – 6

3.Electronic Document Preparation and ManagementGrades I – III
4.Office AdministrationGrades I – III
5.Principles of AccountsGrades I – III
6.Principles of BusinessGrades I – III

No more than one subject from Nos. 7 – 9

7.EconomicsGrades I – III
8.Information TechnologyGrades I – III
Grades I – III

Grades I – II

Overall Grades in 1 – 3 above:

Grade I candidate shows a comprehensive grasp of the key concepts, knowledge, skills and competencies required by the syllabus.Grade IIcandidate shows a good grasp of the key concepts, knowledge, skills and competencies required by the syllabus.Grade III  candidate shows a fairly good grasp of the key concepts, knowledge, skills and competencies required by the syllabus.
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